Hornsey Police Station

Hornsey Police Station Redevelopment

Tottenham Lane, London

Our Sustainability team have been supporting the proposed redevelopment of Hornsey Police Station since 2022. Koukan Developments’ proposals will see the police station refurbished and extended to provide six terraced houses and four flats.



Built in 1884 and closed in 2021, the police station was originally part of a complex of civic buildings that included a library and fire station. Koukan Developments’ proposals will see the police station refurbished and extended to provide six terraced houses and four flats. A new four-storey block to the north will also be built and provide four houses and seven flats, while a new three-storey block at the corner of Harold Road and Glebe Road to the west of the police station will provide eight flats available at London Affordable Rent levels.

Our Sustainability team were appointed by Archanaeum to provide a number of technical services to support the planning application. We placed a strong focus on integrating the principles of sustainable design and construction into the design, putting an emphasis on passive design measures and efficient servicing solutions in-line with the London Borough of Haringey Development Management Development Plan Document. The flats will all be serviced by communal air source heat pumps with individual heat pumps providing space heating for the houses. PV panels will be installed on the flat roof, helping the site to generate some of its own energy.

Hornsey Police Station



  • Energy Assessment
  • Energy Statement
  • Sustainability Assessment
  • Sustainability Statement
  • Overheating Risk Assessment
  • Embodied Carbon Analysis
  • Circular Economy Statement


  • Secured approval from Haringey Council’s planning committee in July 2023.
  • We recommended a highly optimised Energy Strategy which will allow the scheme to achieve a remarkable improvement on total CO2 emissions over the previous scenario. This includes a 31% reduction in carbon emissions achieved through energy efficiency measures. A 36% reduction via renewable sources and an overall reduction of 84% against Building Regulations Part L 2021 Edition, which exceeded the London Plan carbon emission reduction target of 35% for the site.
  • Recommended the use of thermally efficient materials which provided a good level of air tightness.
  • We ensured that daylight levels were maximised to reduce the need for artificial lighting throughout the building.


“Without your support we would not have successfully achieved planning consent. We are looking forward to working together, both on this project and others in the future.”

Chris Boyle, Director at Archanaeum